Full Strut Online Turkey Course

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Full Strut Online Video Turkey Course 




# 1 Basic Anatomy

Length: 12 minutes

Lesson # 1 Basic Anatomy introduces you to the major feather groups and trophy parts on a turkey. The terms outlined in this lesson will be used throughout the turkey course.

#2 Bird Evaluation

Length: 7 minutes

Lesson # 2 Bird Evaluation covers checking the turkey for shot damage and other deformities . 

# 3 Skinning

Length: 40 minutes

Lesson # 3 Skinning covers removing the skin,tail,legs and head from the carcass.

# 5 Fleshing & Washing

Length: 72 minutes

# 5 Fleshing & Washing In this lesson we cover the all important step of fleshing & washing .

# 6 Wet Sizing Form

Length: 11 minutes

Lesson # 6 Wet Sizing the Form shows the way we pick out a form sizing on a wet skin.

# 7 Tail Prep

Length: 40 minutes

Lesson # 7 Tail Prep covers fleshing,washing and drying the tail. The lesson also covers mounting and wiring the tail.

# 8 Form Prep

Length: 30 minutes

Lesson # 8 Form Prep teaches Aaron's method of modifying a commercial turkey form to get the " look". It also covers carving the neck attachment point/crop and modify the form to accept the legs.

# 9 Leg Cleaning & Wiring

Length: 40 minutes

Lesson # 9 covers cleaning the legs and wiring, including threading the wire. We also go over the proper bends in the legs for a full strut pose.  

# 10 Form & Leg Assembly

Length: 43 minutes

Lesson 10 Form and Leg Assembly covers attaching the legs to the form.The lesson also goes over rebuilding the drumsticks and attaching the legs/form to a mounting base.

# 12 Head Prep

Length: 21 minutes

Lesson # 12 Head Prep shows the steps needed to prepare a turkey head for the paint booth.

#13 Leg Painting

Length: 15 minutes

Lesson #13 Covers sealing and painting the turkey legs. This step can be done before the bird is mounted or after the bird is dried. If you do it before the bird is mounted, it is easier to see what you are doing.    

#15 Final Form Prep

Length: 10 minutes

Lesson # 15 Final Form Prep is one of the most important lessons in the Course. It shows the proper alignment of the head and tail and shows how the form angle and leg bends all working together.

#16 Drying

Length: 10 minutes

Lesson # 16 covers drying the turkeys feathers.    

#17 Dry Sizing

Length: 3 minutes

Lesson # 17 Dry Sizing goes in depth on sizing forms after the feathers are dried. Sizing after the feathers are dried will give you the most accurate fit.  

# 18 Wing Wiring

Length: 23 minutes

Lesson # 18 Wing Wiring. Shows our method for secure, easy to bend wings.  

# 22 Setting Wings

Length: 4 minutes

# 22 Setting wings covers positioning the wings in the correct alignment for a full strut pose.

#23 Test Fit Head and Tail

Length: 11 minutes

#23 covers the important step of test fitting the head and tail before the injection step. You can easily adjust the position and look of the bird now rather then trying to after the silicone has been injected.  

# 24 Setting Breast Feathers & Head

Length: 40 minutes

Lesson # 24 covers injecting the breast feathers and head area and attaching the head. The lesson also covers grooming these areas.

# 25 Setting Hackle & Tail

Length: 13 minutes

#25 Setting Hackle & Tail covers injecting silicone between the hackle skin and form. Also covers attaching the tail.

# 28 Finishing

Length: 17 minutes

Congratulations on making it to the final lesson ! #28 Finishing covers final grooming and cleaning as well as base work.